A 10 Ghz Dual Conversion High Side LO Transverter
from Surplus Qualcomm OmniTracks Units

By Kerry Banke, N6IZW
Last Modified July 9, 2000

Author's Note: The original version of this article was presented at the Microwave
Update '99 Conference in Plano, Texas, October 1999, and published by ARRL in the
Proceedings of that Conference. Due my problems in submitting the original photos
for publication in that document, the details of the modifications were difficult to
discern in the published photos. Since there has been significant interest by others in
modifying these units, I am providing all the photos, plus corrections noted since the
Conference in these web pages. I hope this will help many of you in successfully
converting these units for amateur use.

The web version of this article is presented in three parts, plus figures for each:

Part One describes the overall transverter concept and design.

Figures for Part One

Part Two describes the modification procedures in detail.

Figures for Part Two

Part Three addresses the updates and corrections since the October '99