A 10 GHz Dual Conversion High Side LO Transverter
from surplus Qualcomm OmniTracks Units
Part Three -- Corrections and Updates

By Kerry Banke - N6IZW - San Diego Microwave Group

Last Updated July 10, 2000

These corrections and updates apply to the original article presented at the Microwave Update'99 Conference in Plano, Texas and published in the Proceedings of that Conference.

1. On page 127 of the original article, Figure 1 shows the Synthesizer programming results for the desired 11,360 Mhz LO frequency. The Figure incorrectly shows that the M register settings for both M4 and M3 are controlled by Pin 1 of the 3216 Synthesizer chip. Instead, the correct pins are as follows: M4 (Pin 13), and M3 (Pin 10). These are shown correctly in the web page version of the article, in Part One.

2. The original article inadvertently omitted a necessary Modification to the X5 Multiplier which requires the addition of two tuning stubs. Lack of this modification will result in low LO output to the Tx and Rx mixers.