29 May 2000

Correction to Microwave Update '99 Article
"A 10 Ghz Dual Conversion High Side LO Transverter
from Surplus Qualcomm Omnitracks Units"
by Kerry Banke, N6IZW

A section on the modification of the X5 Multiplier stage was inadvertently omitted
from the article. This stage is located directly to the left of the LO filter which is
shown in Figure 5 of the article on page 133 of the Microwave Update '99 Proceedings.
The gate of the X5 Multiplier stage requires addition of two stripline stubs, as shown
in the following photo. Lack of this modification results in inadequate LO drive to the
transverter TX and Rx mixers causing low TX output and poor Rx performance, as
reported by several amateurs who have followed the original article.