OC3I Feb 2004


The pictures from Jack's trip, March 1999:

Many of the pictures Jack took are below along with captions and info....left to right...click on pictures (45 to 55k jpeg each)


The island I operated from (Isla Del Sol, on Lake Titicaca) is rather interesting. It was like living in the past. The island has approximately 5000 inhabitants that are descendants of the Inca's. All transportation on the island is the same as it was thousands of years ago, by foot. Some of the pictures show the rock terraced hills planted as they were centuries ago. The people live at an altitude of 13000 feet and enjoy weather similar to southern California in the afternoons and near freezing when the sun sets. We had rain every evening and morning when I was there. I hope you enjoy the photos. I had 6 meter propagation into the southern US states almost daily. Unfortunately it didn't extend into the northern states. Thanks to all those who worked me.


Jack returned home ok after two weeks of travelling. Had a great trip and hopes he can work CP some day! Final total was about 300 QSOs for the trip....amazing considering the solar conditions.. The QSL cards are ordered..... Be sure and include a SASE for your QSL to Jack as he spent quite a bit of money on this trip to give us all a new country.

CP1/N6XQ audio files:

ssb(6.5 sec, 50k .au), ssb(6.5 sec, 50k .wav), cw(30 sec 290k .wav) recorded at N6CA in Southern California, one hour opening.

Day to day summary of CP1/N6XQ operating during the trip

for other pictures and info from XE and the US see Jack N6XQ

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