Programming Spreadsheets for Synthesizers

Last Modified August 30,2001

These interactive spreadsheets in Excel 97 format allow the user to select VCO
and PLL frequencies, in order to determine the parallel pin programming mods
required to produce the desired frequency output. Click on the link to download
a zipped file. Unzip it and open with Microsoft Excel to use.

"Texas" Synthesizer using a 3036/3216 IC with VCO in the 2.1-2.6 GHz range.

"3036/3216/3236" Synthesizers with VCOs in the 2.1-2.7 GHz range.

"1152" Synthesizers with VCOs in the 750-1156 MHz range.

"1152L" Synthesizer, same as above but larger board, different power connector.
Ground on Pin #1, +5VDC @ 0.5A on Pin #6 and jumper to Pin #15, +15VDC @ 0.12A
to Pin #4. Uses same Programming Spreadsheet as the normal size board, above.