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Last update of these pages: January 8, 2013

Technical Articles and Projects : Revised contact info for Qualcomm mod data (1/8/2013)
W6QIW mods for Pcom 23 GHz Tx Module (10/30/2010)
70 cm preamp conversion from 9003B digital rcvr pcb. (8/10/2010).
Added Photos of Pcom 23 GHz High Side LO Mods
to 24 GHz article (12/3/2009)
Updated Microwave Group of San Diego info. (10/29/2009)
Added article on Qualcomm 1152 Board Power Supply connections (8/3/2008).
Updated Section on Optical Communications Projects
(3/17/08). Clarified Pcom High-Side LO module power wiring connections (5/2/2007).
Doppler sounds from the US Navy NAVSPASUR Radar Fence (10/30/06).
Updated repair procedures for Qualcomm 10 Volt Power Supply (3/8/04).
New 47 GHz section with articles and experiments, (11/25/03).
Added 1996 article on San Diego 10 GHz All-Mode Repeater (11/13/03).
Revised Pcom High-Side LO Synthesizer Mods (9/2/03). New tunable filters for 3072
or 2208 MHz (4/28/03). New info on modifying the Pcom 23 GHz High Side LO ODU
by Kerry Banke, N6IZW (5/20/03). Modified Power Supply Schematic for Microwave Noise Source Article, (5/17/05). Modified Pcom 23 GHz dc-dc power supply, added
external lead filtering to 2-3 GHz U/D Converter, and power control circuitry
to High Side LO ODU (11/30/2005)

This page is the Main Table of Contents for our technical articles and drawings.

Software Programs, Added Excel Spreadsheets to roughly determine system noise
temperature by comparing transverter output when antenna pointed at earth, then
at cold sky. This entry was corrected on May 22, 2002 due to problem in
downloading .xls files. (5/22/02)

MDS/ERP Event Results (Updated 8/10/2012)

Microwave Group of San Diego (Updated 6/28/2011)

DX Sites in CA, AZ, OR, NV, & Baja (New on 6/29/01)

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