3G0Z 2001 Six Meter DXpedition March 27th to April 2 2001

QSLs were received and are being sent out

Roman, XE2EED, Jack N6XQ and Chip, N6CA were on Isla Robinson Crusoe, grid FF06 ( IOTA SA005)

We were on the air 27 March thru 2 April 2001. Elizar, CE0ZIS has been operating six meters since we left the Island.

We had approximately 600 QSOs with 420 stations in 40 DXCC countries including WAC in 12 hours. Six meters is amazing........

Writeup of the trip

A plot from www.dxlc.com of the solar conditions during the trip. We planned this...of course.

We ran two simultaneous stations without interference:

1) On 50.102 from the hotel with a clean shot to North America and the Pacific.

2) On 50.200 from CE0ZIS's house with a clean shot to Africa and Europe and the Caribbean and South America.

Pictures are divided into groups to make loading faster. Each picture as about 40 to 50k for faster downloading speed.

Updated Pictures:

Group 1 arrival and antenna assembly

Group 2 Eliazar's house

Group 3 boat and island views

Group 4 hike to hotel

Group 5 airport

Audio files:

audio file of 3G0Z as recorded by YV1DIG

audio file of 3G0Z Apr 1 (N6XQ op) as recorded by N6RV

audio file of 3G0Z Apr 2 (N6CA op) as recorded by N6RV

audio file of N6RV as recorded by 3G0Z

audio file of WA6CGR/m as recorded by 3G0Z

After the 12 hour plane trip to Santiago, arriving at 6AM Tuesday we and changed airports with a 2 hour grueling taxi ride Then a 3 hour Cessna plane flight to island with a rather exciting landing. A short one mile hike (our baggage got to ride) down to the dock where we caught a boat for the 2 hour trip to the other end of the island and the only town, San Juan Batista on Cumberland Bay. One of our operating locations was on the other side of the bay at the hotel El Pangal to get the cleanest six meter shot possible to North America. We had the other station set at Eliazar's house CE0ZIS with a perfect shot to Europe and Africa. We were able to run both stations simultaneously without interference due antenna headings and a frequency separation of 98 kHz.

Equipment: (2) IC706's, (1)IC551D, 6 el 24 ft yagi, M2 5 el yagi. An end fed Zepp was used for 28.885. Initial contacts on the first day to South America and Europe were made with a 6 meter Zepp antenna hanging from a tree in front of Eliazar's house. A 4 element 2 meter yagi and IC706 were also left with Eliazar

The stateside pilots were be Dianna, KB6NAN & Bill, N6RV. The "daily updates" were sent to Bill who kept the wesite updated. They also posted info to the clusters and loggers on our activity. We would all like to thank Dianna KB6NAN and Bill N6RV for their help throughout this trip. They contributed greatly to the success of this DXpedition!

QSL via: N6XQ Box 7732, San Diego CA 92167 USA. SASE's would be appreciated

Daily Updates from 3G0Z

The generous contributions of some will enable Eliazar to make contacts on 6 meters after we leave the island. The IC551D has been donated by Ed, K6ODV. M2, SMIRK, and the WSWSS (Western States Weak Signal Society) have donated the M2 5 element yagi to Eliazar. A special thanks to Key, JE6JYT/W6 for his donation to this expedition.

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info to: n6ca@ham-radio.com