47 GHz Equipment and Techniques

Page last modified 25 November 2003

This page links to articles and descriptions of techniques for the 47 GHz
amateur radio frequency band. The U.S. 47 GHz (6 millimeter) band limits
are from 47.000 to 47.200 GHz, a bandwidth of just 200 MHz.

A Simple Harmonic Mixer/Antenna Feed for 47 and 76 GHz Experiments.
Article by Kerry Banke, N6IZW, from Microwave Update 2003 . In Adobe
Acrobat Format. (September 2003)

Block Diagram of the approaches used by N6IZW with the harmonic mixers
described above for initial contacts using cw and ssb modes. In Adobe Acrobat
Format. (November 2003)

47 GHz Waveguide Harmonic Mixers. A set of slides describing Colorado
amateur's experiments with improved harmonic mixers. Use of hobby
tubing as waveguide suppresses the 23.5 GHz driving frequency.
Results to date include ssb contacts out to 18.3 miles. The diodes used
were salvaged from scrap Qualcomm modules. Slides by Don Nelson,
N0UGY with Bill McCaa, K0RZ and Phil Lee, W6HCC. In Adobe
Acrobat format. (November 25, 2003).