3036/3216/3236 Rectangular Synthesizer Board


This newer Qualcomm synthesizer board has been one of the most recently
available to amateurs. The VCO rf output is about +10 dBm in the 2.1-2.7 GHz
range. It requires a 10.00 MHz reference from an external TCXO. The left 1/3
of the board can be cut apart from the rest of the board where you see the vertical
slot at the 2.5 inch mark on the ruler. The rest of the board can be discarded. This
board has an on-board divide-by-two prescaler between the VCO output and the
synthesizer input. These boards may have a 3036, 3216, or 3236 synthesizer IC.
This synthesizer makes an excellent LO source for the bands above 1296, and if
the VCO/2 signal is used, it can also provide high stability output in the range of
1050-1350 MHz.