his old call was WA6OWD

Dave just set a new North American 24 GHz distance record of 166 miles on July 5, 1997 & won first place in the 1996 10 GHz & UP microwave contest!

A rare shot of the "hair" taken while on Heaps Peak for the 1997 microwave contest. Dave was working K6GZA & W6ASL in the San Francisco area at the time. 10 Watts, 4 foot dish, 10 Hertz stability and 1 db noise figure. If it can be worked, Dave will do it.

Another shot of Dave 10 & 24 GHz gear. Heaps Peak 1997 contest.

Dave on Santa Ynez looking towards the San Francisco area.


Dave giving a live demo at the 1995 West Coast VHF conference in Los Angeles


Dave trying to hide while on a local mountain top!

Dave has the distinction of having to longest hair of any microwaver in Southern California, maybe the USA! Don't know if that's why his signal on 10 & 24 GHz is always so loud or not.

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