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At the 1 August 2002 meeting of the SBMS will be a technical talk on 10 GHz Contest planning. We will have the mixer kits for the 24 GHz project, thanks to Dave and Ken. Next up is the PIC board and parts. The SBMS meets at the American Legion Hall 1024 Main Street (south of the 91 freeway) in Corona, CA at 1900 hours local time on the first Thursday of each month. Check out the SBMS web site at http://www.ham-radio.com/sbms/.

Member notes-Bob, W6SYA is having physical therapy and getting stronger. Jack, N6XQ has undergone cancer surgery and is recovering at home.

Last meeting- Chuck Houghton, WB6IGP came up with the "San Diego crew". Ed, W6OYJ talked about microwave groups sending a letter to ARRL protesting the scheduling of area conventions on ARRL microwave contest weekends. Ed will be writing up a proposal letter for SBMS signatures and other club use. Welcome to visitor Ginny, AJ6CW from Hacienda Heights. Glenn, KE6HPZ talked and demonstrated the pic sequencer and other useful station gear using pic devices found on http://members.aol.com/k1el site. Thanks Glenn. There was lots of discussion on where to go during the upcoming contest. 22 people present.


August 1 Contest get ready session. Maps, advice, supply lists and liaison information

August 3-4, 1800Z - 1800Z - ARRL UHF Contest

August 17-18, 8 AM - 8 PM - ARRL 10-GHz Cumulative Contest

September 5 K6JEY session on frequency measurement and calibration.

September 14-16, 1800Z - 0300Z - ARRL September VHF QSO Party

September 21-22, 8 AM-8 PM - ARRL 10-GHz Cumulative Contest

October 3 24 GHz testing and equipment review. Bring your rig and get it tested.

October 24-27 - Microwave Update 2002/Eastern VHF-UHF combined Conference sponsored by N.E.W.S.

November 7 WA6JBD program on Network Analyzers.

December 5 5.7 GHz gear report and testing.

Wants and Gots for Sale

For Sale: HP 5245L counter and manual with plugins 5253B 50-500 MHz, 5245A .3-3 GHz, 5254B.2-3 GHz, 5255A 3 to 12 GHz $500 Bob Gardner W6SYA 818-248-3683

For Sale: dc-dc voltage converters +5v dc to &endash;5 v dc $1 each John KJ6HZ 909-683-1434

Want: 2 GHz MDS dish John KJ6HZ 909-683-1434

Want: HP435 power meter sensor pin connections Dick K6HIJ 760-253-5127

Activity reported at the July SBMS meeting- Kerry, N6IZW talked about his use of DSS feed LNA's as signal monitors using the 950-1450 IF output to a 2 GHz spectrum analyzer with the LNA back cover removed and one can see signals mixed with the 11.250 DRO all the way up to 47 GHz. Chuck, WB6IGP is working on an HP8690 sweeper and a FT-817 IF radio, and talked about using a pocket laser pointer on his optical communicator with detectors having filters; Ed, W6OYJ was active in the contest on 10 GHz; Chuck, WA6EXV has been replacing his 40 year old iron water lines and working on a high dynamic range LNA for the 1296/ 2304 translator; Bill, WA6QYR modified a computer power supply for bench use and modified DSS reflectors for use on 24, 10, 5, 3, and 2 GHz; Dennis, WA6NIA worked on his 24 GHz rig; Ken, WB6DTA worked the June contest on 3 and 10 GHz and has grids DL18, 19, 27, 28 on 10 GHz with W1LP/mm; Mike, WA6YLZ is rebuilding his 10 GHz rig to fit on heaver tripod; Dick, WB6DNX has been working on helping sell Sam's estate equipment; Jono is collecting hardware; Steve, AD6HT worked the June contest on 3 GHz and is building a 10 GHz rig; Chuck, WB6IGP is building a 1296 rig using Qualcom parts; Pete, W6DXJ has a 4 ft dish on 5 GHz; Dick, K6HIJ is working on his NNC mill to make 24 GHz switches and fixing test equipment; Ginny, AJ6CW just completed her college degree; Pat, N6RJM is getting his 1296 gear running and 10 GHz is in the works; Larry, K6HLH was on 3 Ghz during June contest and Field Day; Dave, WA6CGR talked on microwave at the Antelope Valley Club and now has a 30 to 50 GHz power meter; and Glenn roved 9 grids on 6 mtr to 10 GHz and was on 3 and 10 GHz for field day.

Sorry this is late and short. Bill WA6QYR