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The 4 March 1999 meeting of the SBMS will have Chuck, WA6EXV talk about the development of a 24 GHz feed for the orange peel style Prime Star and DirecTV offset reflectors as well as the 11 GHz feed that comes with them that is useable on 10 GHz. A reminder to all that SBMS elections are held in April with an initial slate proposed at the March meeting. Beware or be there. The SBMS meets at the American Legion Hall 1024 Main Street (south of the 91 freeway in Corona, CA at 1900 hours local time on the first Thursday of each month..

Last Meeting-A rainy evening in SOCA cut into the number of meeting participates. George, K6MBL gave an overall view of radar operation with a nice handout that had pictures of various historic and current radars. Thanks George. Welcome to new member Carl Wulestieg, WD6DRJ of Yorba Linda. Visitors included Mike Danford N6ESW (former KD6FAM) and his son from Sun City. 22 people present.


Apr. 1 Dave, WA6CGR tell us about the design and construction of his frequency locked SSB 24 GHz rig.

May 6 TBD

June 3 TBD

Activity reported at the February meeting-Bob,,W6SYA indicated that he and Ken, WB6DTA worked on some 2.3 GHz rigs. Bob had gotten an older DEM no-tune unit to function both at 2304 and at the Phase 3 2400 frequencies. Gary W6KVC made a 2 GHz contact; Dick, K6HIJ was in Germany for a couple of months; Carl, WD6RDJ found a 2 mtr rig for IF use; Eric KD6GLP rerouted some helix; Kurt, K6RRA found some bits and pieces for 2 and 10 GHz rigs; Jeff KN6VR made some 1.2 GHz contacts and found a 12 ft dish; Doug, K6JEY made VUCC on 10 and 24 GHz, Mel, WA6JBD found some more 47 GHz parts and is building a 10 GHz rig; Ed, W6OYJ made 1.2 GHz contacts and reported that the Pt Loma beacon on 1296.303 MHz is being moved, the Monday night 10 GHz nets in the San Diego area have more people on than the 2 mtr end of the net; Bill WA6QYR worked 14 grids on 2 mtr and had converted the basic program Gridloc (lat./long to grid square and bearing/ distance software) to a basic that would run on an old TRS-80 model 100 lap top (cmos that runs on 4 AA cells) computer; Ken WB6DTA had his 2 GHz transverter to show and a older Qualcomm synthesizer that worked as LO.

The SBMS Winter Social in Inyokern will be reported next month since it will occur after printing of this edition of the newsletter. Chuck, WA6EXV will be presenting a miniclass on the design of an LNA through the production of a PC board and the end measurements of S-parameters (input/ output VSWR and gain) and noise figure on the amplifier from 2-4 p.m.


George, K6MBL at his overhead projector during the last SBMS meeting

presenting the Tech Talk on radar. As one of the original SBMS members,

George has the history of the Society and of the electronics industry in his



Things for sale on the internet

Industrial Liquidators in San Diego is selling some slightly used DirecPC dishes. They are elliptical in shape and approximately 30 inches across. It comes with a mounting bracket for mounting on a flat surface such as a roof. Included in the package is the feed mount bar that holds the feed horn. The feed horn AND LNB also come with it. The feed is an oddly shaped chaparral feed. It is however based on circular 3/4 inch wave guide and includes a removable circular to WR-75 transition. There's also a plastic cover for the back of the feed/LNB. The LNB is a small unit, with one side comprised of a WR-75 transition. The other end is an F connector. The whole box is about two inches long. It claims to have a .9 dB noise figure, plus a +15 to 24 v input... Anyway, they want just $20 for these! When I was there today it looked like they had maybe 5 or 10 left. (Another rumor at SBMS meeting was that there were 150 to sell.) They look like a perfect antenna for 10 GHz rigs. (These appear to be very similar to the Prime Star units and should work at 10 GHz very well-the dishes and feed horn. WA6QYR). Industrial Liquidators is at 4887 Convoy Street, San Diego, 92121 Tony Long KC6QHP allong@uscd.edu

The San Diego Microwave Group has obtained a supply of SMA connectorized mixers and harmonic multipliers and circulators for amateur use.1. Magnum Microwave mixer MC37P-3a 4.8 dB conversion loss, +18 dBm High level mixer. 5.8 to 6.5 GHz RF, 4.7- 8.5 GHz LO, IF dc to 2 GHz. SMA connectorized 3/4 inch square 1/2 inch deep 32 dB isolation at $15 each. See http://www.magnummicrowave.com/1-3_Comm.html. Similar to MC37smd-3 but connectorized with SMA connectors2. Three port circulator 6.8 to 8.4 GHz SMA 3/4 inch square, $10 each.3. Two port circulator SMA conn 1 inch sq. by 1/2 inch 1.3 to 1.72 GHz $10 each4. Terra Comm multiplier x3 to 5.9 to 6.56 GHz SMA in and out 1.5 in by 3/4 in by 1/2 in, $105. Two port circulator SMA in & out, port 3 terminated 50 ohms, 3/4 in sq., $10All parts avail for amateur use plus postage and Ca St. from Chuck Houghton WB6IGP clhough@pacbell.net

Other things found on the web.

This winter I've made some good progress on the W1GHZ Microwave Antenna Book ON-LINE. You might be curious, and I'd appreciate your feedback. (Contains material out of Paul's articles in QEX and the ARRL UHF/ Microwave Projects Manual Volume 2, ed) After a week in the Florida Keys, I'll be adding more stuff, but don't intend to send out any more widespread mailings like this, so check occasionally if you are interested. go to www.qsl.net/n1bwt and click on the book icon. 73 Paul W1GHZ (Paul's other web site is at www.tiac.net/users/wade/ and has interesting stuff too. ed).

Another site to visit for information is that of Peter Day G3PHO who edits the RSGB Microwave Newsletter that we receive-- www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Vista/7012/ghz.htm. Peter has data for all. The new comer and the advanced microwaver. He has some gunnplexer 10 GHz circuits and descriptions on how to get on the air. There is also a link from the SBMS web page (www.ham-radio.com/sbms/ ) to Peters site.

I and several other microwavers received a letter from Dan Henderson, N1ND, Contest Branch Manager at ARRL. The Contest Advisory Committee had approved a time extension for the 10 GHz contest weekends and was conducting a survey among 10 GHz contest participants to determine what change to effect for the '99 Cumulative event. The choices they have suggested are as follows:1. Add 4 hrs to each day, making the times 8am to midnite, Sat & Sun.2. Change it to 8am Sat to 8am Sun.3. Change it to 8am Sat to Midnite Sun. Stations may only operate 24 of the 40 hrs.

I sent my input in. Hope you did too.73's Bill