W6IFE San Bernardino Microwave Society Newsletter

President Chip Angle N6CA 25309 Andreo Lomita, CA 90717 310-539-5395 chip@anglelinear.com

VP Joe Saddler WA6PAZ 13909 Fidler Bellflower, CA 90706 310-867-3294

Recording Sec Eric Fort KD6GLP PO Box 42 Etiwanda, CA 91739 909-899-3092

Corresponding Sec Phil Biles K6COY 446 Colorado St. Anaheim, CA 92801 714-527-3632 philbiles@worldnet.net

Treasurer Dick Kolbly K6HIJ 26335 Community Barstow, CA 92311 760-253-2477 70541.2312@compuserve.com

Editor Bill Burns WA6QYR 247 Rebel Rd Ridgecrest, CA 93555 760-375-8566 bburns@ridgecrest.ca.us

ARRL interface Frank Kelly WB6CWN 1111 Rancho Conejo Blvd. #501 Newbury Park, CA 91320 805-499-8047 fk@event1.com

FCC interface Dave Laag K6OW 11614 Indian St. Moreno Valley, CA 92557 909-924-1517

W6IFE license trustee Ed Munn W6OYJ 6255 Radcliffe Dr. San Diego, CA 92122 619-453-4563 75353.1255@compuserve.com


The 1 January 1998 meeting tech talk will be Bill, WA6QYR on the changes in amateur radio license requirements with the RF exposure limits. I hope one and all had a good Christmas and I wish you a Happy New Year. SBMS meets at the American Legion Hall 1024 Main Street (south of the 91 freeway) in Corona, CA at 1930 hours local time on the first Thursday each month.


Last Meeting George, K6MBL talked about equipment he was responsible for building in the early 1970's that had used digital circuits to tune the magnetrons on frequency. Thanks George for the piece of technology. Frank, WB6CWN made the meeting after a long dry spell. Ed, W6OYJ brought several boxes of excess miscellaneous Qualcom boards and things which were passed out to those present. Some documentation was available on this group of things. Ed, K6ODV received several boxes of 2 ft dishes from the Antenna Center that were good to 24 Ghz. If you had your name on the list for one please call Ed (909-689-9026). The antennas were $44.50 each. The order of parts for 2 Ghz loop yagis by Chip , N6CA has been placed. There had been an effort to have HRO purchase/ build more 1.2 Ghz Kenwood TM541 FM rigs. Chip had requested 10 units for SBMS members- maybe arrive in the March - April time. Chip has plans of building a 1.2 Ghz repeater and installing it near Heaps Pk for SBMS communications. 23 people present.

Activity reported in December

Steve Bell KJ7OG joined other local Tucson amateurs on Nov. 24-5 for first QSO's on home-brew 23 cm SSB transceiver. He has 0.5 w into 23 el loop yagi. Ed, K6ODV worked on getting the dishes and his 2 Ghz rig. Dick, K6HIJ working on a scalar feed for 24 Ghz based upon the 10 Ghz unit. Jim, K6ML had contacts with new gunnplexer on 10 Ghz. Derek KN6TD working on narrowband 10 Ghz rig. Eric, KD6GLP working on his 2 Ghz video link and the dinner. Matt, KE6ALM had contacts with Jim, K6ML on 10 Ghz-both working to break the "3 mile barrier". Doug, K6JEY working on 24 Ghz rig and a cesium clock. Ed, W6OYJ had some onmi slotted waveguide antenna pieces to sell (note there is design of such onmi on Al's web site- www. local.net/~k6ljm/) and reminded all of the San Diego Group net Monday nights 146.43 Mhz Palomar repeater. Dick, WB6DNX repackaged his 2 Ghz rig and had it to show. Bob, W6SYA had a new 10 Ghz preamp and is working on a 10 Ghz narrowband rig. Chuck, WA6EXV measured Chip's 2 ft dish with flat reflector plate on 24 Ghz at 36 dB gain, he had also been RFI proofing his 10/ 24 Ghz WBFM rig for hill top operation. Bill, WA6QYR with WA6EXV's mill help is RFI proofing his 10 Ghz WBFM rig. Chip, N6CA put new pictures on SBMS web page, updated newsletters there, and has been modifying the 24 Ghz rig.

Elmers- To help you get on the air on the microwave bands, the following SBMS members are willing to assist you in assembly and test of equipment and mentoring as necessary:

Ken Halford, WB6DTA elmer group meets 3rd wed of the month 6:00 to 10:00 p.m. at 2901 Joaquin Burbank, CA 91504 818-848-9059.

Joe Saddler, WA6PAZ elmer group meets the last Saturday of each month following the TRW swap meet at 13909 Fidler in Bellflower CA. Phone 714-704-7937 or 562-867-3294 to confirm intentions a couple of days in advance. Directions to Joe's is exit the 105 Freeway at Bellflower Blvd. Go south to Rosecrans Ave. Turn right (west) on Fidler and head north to 13909.

Dave Laag, K6OW in Moreno Valley, CA at 11614 Indian St. 909-924-1517.

Dick Bremer, WB6DNX in Brea, CA at 1664 Holly 714-529-2800

Al Johnson, K6LJM (ATV) in Running Springs, CA 909-867-7511

Dick Kolbly, K6HIJ 26335 Community in Barstow, CA 760-253-2477

Chuck Swedblom, WA6EXV in Ridgecrest, CA 760-377-4972

Bill Burns, WA6QYR 247 Rebel Rd, Ridgecrest, CA 760-375-8566



17-19 Jan ARRL VHF Sweepstakes (microwavers can play too.)

5 Feb. Chip, N6CA tech talk

February annual SBMS dinner Eric, KD6GLP in charge

5 Mar. Doug , K6JEY rubidium standards

7 Mar The George QTH-QTH QSO event

2 Apr. Chuck, WA6EXV tech talk


"Wants and Gots for sale"

Need HP8411a Harmonic Converter Dick K6HIJ 760-253-2477.

Want Manual/ schematic for Systron Donner Spectrum Analyzer #712 Doug K6JEY 562-424-3737.

Want ideas for a 23 cm linear power amplifier Steve Bell KJ7OG 602-297-1282 or sbell@lpl.arizona.edu.

Want schematic Heathkit IO-4530 scope Bill WA6QYR 760-375-8566.

Want HP-478A thermister Ed K6ODV 909-689-9026.

Free antenna rotator for BIG dish, very heavy with 60 Hz motor and selsyn Ed W6OYJ 619-453-4563

For sale- 10 Mhz dual trace Heathkit scope $50 Eric Fort KD6GLP 626-398-2381 #617

I found a source of converted Ku band LNB's that will allow direct tuning of the 10.0 to 10.5 GHz ham band with a satellite TV receiver. These LNB's have a 9 GHz LO and .7 dB noise figure. Cost is $95 by US currency or check from Bob Platts, G8OZP, 220 Rolleston Road, burton upon Trent, Staffs DE13-0AY, England. He also has a tunable 950-1750 MHz FM TV receiver kit for $100.73 --Tom O'Hara W6ORG TOMSMB@aol.com


SBMS February Dinner-- Dear SBMS members,

In planning the annual SBMS dinner I thought it would be a good idea to take an informal survey of the membership and possible attendees. Please reply to efort@www.fortconsulting.com .

1. Where do you live? 2. How far would you drive to attend such an event? 3. When (what days) in February should the SBMS dinner be held? 4. What type of restaurant would you prefer (formal, semi-formal, casual, etc.)?

5. What kind of food would you prefer (seafood, fish, beef, pork, chicken, turkey, pheasant, etc...) and from what part of the world (Spanish, French, American, Italian, Mexican, Greek, Chinese, Indian, oriental, south American, central American, north American, middle eastern, African, European, Australian, etc...).?Eric Fort

Please reply ASAP via email (efort@www.fortconsulting.com), voicemail (626-398-2381 ext. 617), or snailmail (Eric Fort, 350 N. Garey Ave. #27, Pomona Ca 91767)

73's Bill