10 GHz Microwave site-driving directions

de KE6HPZ 8/20/2004

Hi All,

I have done some changes to the driving directions for Southern California.

So here is the latest and Greatest

73 de ke6hpz Glenn


Goleta State Beach

This location has a good shot to the Baja gang. It is DM04BK, and we parked

right in the parking lot of the Goleta State Beach. In the Santa Barbara

area, take the 217 highway south from the 101 highway, about 1.9 miles. Get

off the freeway where it says Goleta State Beach, and cross over a bridge

and you will be entering into the beach parking lot. Turn right, and go

about a of mile down the parking lot till you find a place that has no

trees in the way, and shoot over the water. (N34 25' 0.6" W119 49' 58.2")


Summerland (Santa Barbara) Lookout park

To get to this location, get off at Evans Street in Summerland, near Santa

Barbara. You can try working from the park which is on the south side of

the freeway, but there are trees in the park, and we found that parking lot

was full. For those that have to work out of the back of their trucks this

place didn't work. So, we found a better spot, still on the South side of

the freeway, just .2 miles east of the park. Get on the southbound on-ramp

to the 101 freeway, which runs beside the freeway. Right before the on ramp

enters the freeway there is a small road the will break off to the right.

This is Finney St, and it goes over the railroad tracks and goes into a

parking lot. From the parking lot it goes east down the hill. We just

pulled of the side of the road, and worked Baja. This spot is DM04ek (N34

25' 09.1" W119 35' 46.1") I used an 11 element 440 beam to get into Signal

peak, or one of the San Diego machines.


Ventura (Grant Memorial Park)

To get to this location from North bound 101 get off at California St.

There is no South bound off ramp for California St. Get off of the next

exit (Harbor blvd, or Seaword Ave) and get back on the North 101 freeway and

get off at California. Head up California (N) till you hit Poli Street

(California Tee's into Poli). Turn Left onto Poli, and turn right on the

next street, which should be very small street.(Brakey St). It winds

through some houses, and climbs up the hill. You will come to a four-way

intersection, of small roads on the hill. Take the left or lower road a

couple of hundred feet down the road, to a turn out. The location is DM04ig

(N34 17' 05.3" W119 17' 41.3") at 300 ft above Sea Level.


Point Mugu

The operating position of Point Mugu is right next to the very huge rock.

On the east side of the Rock there is a parking lot. It is on the south

side of the road. So you can't turn into the parking lot going north bound

on the 1. Only the southbound traffic can turn in to the parking area. So

if you are going North on the 1, continue pass the rock, and turn into the

parking lot on the North-west side of the rock, and come out of the parking

lot and head south on highway 1 to go around the rock, and go to the other

parking lot. The location is DM04lc (N34 05' 13" W119 03' 43") I have

found that this location is blocked to DL29cx, and DM10xl by Catalina



Point Dume

Point Dume itself has a bunch of No Parking Tow away signs. So I set up on

the South side of the road a couple of miles North-West of Point Dume.

There is a large dirt pull off that worked great. Its location is DM04na

(N34 02' 09.8" W118 51' 27.4") I was also able to work people on PV across

the tip of Point Dume. Catalina Island gets a little bit in the way when

the Baja guys are in DL27.


Las Floras Canyon

Somewhere near Las Floras Canyon Road at Highway 1. Stay in the Floras

area. If you go too close to Malibu, you will be below 10 miles to the

Point Dume location. If you go too close to Topanga Canyon you will be

shooting through PV.


PV North and South

The easiest way to get to PV is to come in from the 110 freeway. Get off at

PCH (Pacific coast Highway) Highway 1(N33 47' 26.1 W118 16' 55.0). Go West

3 miles on PCH, and turn left on to Crenshaw (N33 47' 31.6" W118 20' 00.6").

Go 3.4 mile on Crenshaw up the hill. Turn right on to Crest (N33 46' 07.4"

W118 21' 50.1"). Go 1.6 miles on Crest. Go through Hawthorn Blvd, 150

feet. Pull off to the side of the road, and this spot works Frazier and

other north locations. Its location is DM03ts (N33 45' 41.2" W118 23'

39.8), and it is 874 ft above Sea level.

For the South location, Turn around from the North location, and turn right

(South) and go 1 mile down Hawthorn Blvd. The location in on the south side

of a divided road, so pass up the location, and make an U-turn at the

Salvation Army driveway. Head up the hill to the vista point. There is

parking for about 4 cars here. This spot points south to San Diego, and

Baja very well. This location is DM03tr (N33 44' 53.3" W118 23' 39.4")

It is 535 FT above Sea Level.


Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach talks good to Baja. During the middle of the day it might

be hard to find a parking spot. PCH (Highway 1 ) runs along the beach for

miles. To get down there, exit the 405 freeway at the Golden West exit and

head South 5.6 miles down to PCH. So if you can get into one of the

parking spots, just point out to Baja. Metered parking DM03xq. The

Huntington Pier is DM03xp (N33 39' 17" W118 00' 16.2"). Take Beach Blvd

south off of the 405 about 5.8 miles to get to PCH.


Signal Hill North and South

To get to Signal Hill you have to exit the 405 Freeway at South Cherry exit.

Head south

on Cherry Ave .8 miles and turn left onto Skyline drive, and head up the

hill. When you get to the top of the hill, and you can turn left into the

park at the top. You can work east (Heaps) and North (Frazier) and west up

the coast to Ventura and beyond. To work San Diego and Baja, you pass by

the park and continue to Southward about .3 miles on Skyline, to a dirt

field on the right, (N33 47' 54.7" W118 09' 34.1") DM03wt


El Segundo (North side of Hill top park)

To get to this park, get off of El Segundo Blvd, and head west about 1.4

miles. Turn right on Sepulveda Blvd (Highway 1). Go .2 miles and turn left

on Grand Ave. Go .6 miles to Maryland St, and turn right. Hill Top Park,

is on the left and go down the street 700 ft to the public parking structure

on the left. Go up on the parking structure. Go to the parking locations

that are marked on the map, and point between the trees.

This is the highest point that you can get to in El Segundo at a high

altitude of 176 ft, plus the height of the structure. The only thing in the

way from this location is piece of PV that is 250 ft high. The location of

the structure is N33 55' 14.7" W118 24' 25.1" DM03TW


Highway 2 overview (La Canada)

From the 210 freeway you will exit Highway 2 Angeles Crest Highway. This is

National forest area. This area requires daytime headlights, and you will

get a ticket for not having them on. Be aware that the rangers will write

you up for having a battery out in the open, because of fire danger. So

leave the battery in the vehicle, and use something else heavy to keep the

tripod from blowing over. To get there, head North up the hill 2.5 miles

and you will see a large dirt pull-off on the right. It has an elevation of

2000 ft, and it talks south. But lower Baja locations were weak to this

location. You have a large mountain right behind you so you would have to

do a bounce shot to get anywhere else. DM04vf (N34 13' 41.3" W118 11'



De Soto and 118 Freeway

It is located just north of the 118 freeway and get off at De Soto Ave. It

has talked to both the closer and farther away Baja locations. Just find

a high spot above the freeway DM04qg (N34 16' 32" W118 35' 17") around 1300

ft elevation.


Secret site 51 ( Loop Canyon)

Secret site 51 is a great spot for talking all over the LA Basin and much

south. It is located at (N34 21' 13.4" W118 24' 58.4") DM04ti at an

elevation of 3918 feet. It takes about 30-40 minutes to get up there, from

the 5 and 14 highway spilt. To get to there, get on the 14 freeway (3.3

miles) and get off at Placerita canyon road. Turn right, and go south-east

(5.1 miles) on this road till you hit Sand Canyon Road (N34 22' 51.8" W118

24' 48.4"). Turn Right on Sand Canyon road for 2.9 miles up to Bear Divide

(N34 21' 35.1" W118 23' 33.1"). Turn right, and go up the road (3N17) (2.9

miles). You will come first to Contractors point (repeater site). Continue

down the road 1 mile to Fire camp 9. Drive slowly through the camp, and go

.4 of a mile up the hill, to the repeater site. Park on the side of the

road about 100 ft down from the gate at the repeater site. This will give

you a clear shot at Mexico, and a clear shot at Frazier. If you have a

portable rig, you can walk up to the top of the hill and have a 360 degree



Whitaker Peak DM04pn

Whitaker peak is close to the 5 freeway, and it takes about 10 to 15 minutes

to get up there off the freeway. It has a good shot South. It doesn't have

a shot north. You can do a bounce shot to Frazier off one of the hills to

the east. It is located at (34 34' 56.2"

118 deg 43' 08.8") at 3646 ft. It is between Castaic Lake and Pyramid Lake.

To get there going north on the 5 freeway, get off at Templin Highway (N34

34' 20.8" W118 41' 27.6"). Go under the freeway and head north about 2.4

miles on the old road, running beside the freeway. On the left you will see

a small one-lane road. It is labeled 6N53 (N34 35' 05.6" W118 42' 56.7").

If you are going south on Highway 5 you can get to the old road, by get off

at the Brake inspection area. Just at the end of the area, were the road is

about to get back on the freeway, there is a little road that will turn off

to the right (N34 35' 03.2" W118 42' 36.8") that will take you to the old

road, in a few feet. Turn right and you will be at the 6N53 in a of the

mile. A few feet up the 6N53 there is a fork in the road. Take the left

fork and start heading up the single lane that is a somewhat asphalt road.

This road is about 1.8 miles long. You will have a microwave repeater site

in front of you, and a Gate in front of you. Look behind you on the ridge

and you will see a small dirt road running the ridge. Run up the ridge,

about a of a mile to a high spot. This is room for about 2 trucks. You

will have to do a couple point turn, to turn around, to come back down the



Frazier Peak

(N34 46' 28.4" W118 58' 7.3") DM04ms

Frazier Peak is 8400 ft mountain that has good shots all directions. There

are some trees to the South. It takes 45 minutes to get up there from

Highway 5. From Highway 5, get of the Frazier Park exit. Head west on

Frazier Mountain Road 6.9 miles. Turn left on Lockwood valley road. Go .9

mile down the road. Turn left to into the Ranger Station (8N04) Go Through

the ranger station, and head up the road about a mile up the road you will

go pass a campground. Continue up the road about 6 miles to the top of the

hill. There will be several forks in the road. There should be a sign that

points toward the fire lookout.


Any changes or additions to these locations are greatly welcome.


Glenn Allen KE6HPZ