Santiago Peak X-Band Beacon

March 23, 2004

The 10 GHz cw beacon has been rebuilt and is now reinstalled and operating on Santiago Peak in Orange County, California at an elevation of 5664 ft. The Lat/Lon is 33 deg 42.690 min North and 117 deg 32.020 min West. Grid Square is DM13fr.

The beacon's frequency of 10,368.330 MHz is produced by a Verticom synthesizer referenced by a 10 MHz oven-stabilized crystal oscillator. The signal is much cleaner than the earlier beacon used on Santiago Peak. Signal reception results have been very good over a wide area of Southern California including some locations that have no other access to 10 GHz beacons.

The transmit power is 0.5 watts and the antenna is a slot waveguide type with 10 dBi gain, horizontally polarized.

The beacon's cwid callsign is KE6JUV.

The following amateurs participated in the rebuilding and installation of the beacon: Greg Bailey, K6QPV; Kerry Banke, N6IZW; Art McBride, KC6UQH; and Gary Dent, KE6JUV.

73s from Ed Munn, W6OYJ

(858) 453-4563