Frazier 10 GHz Beacon

Here are some images of the new 10.3683104 GHz beacon atop Frazier Peak:

Frazier Beacon Picture 1

This box has 1150 holes in it!

Frazier Beacon Antenna Picture 1

Listen to the Frazier beacon at 381 miles (613 km) as recorded by XE2N6XQ in the 1996 X-band contest.

The beacon was recently repaired by replacing the old M/ACom brick which had a cold temperature starting problem. It was temp tested for starting from 0 to 120 degrees F without a hitch. Frequency was lowered to 10368.3101 MHz

W1LP/mm heard this beacon at around 787 miles on Sept 20, 2001 from DL34fi.

WB6CWN/XE2 & W6YLZ/XE2 heard this beacon from DL27 at 529 miles.

WA6CDR heard this beacon from Mt St. Helena to the North at 336 miles during the 2000 X-band contest

WA6CGR heard this beacon from Mt Tamalpias to the North at 296 miles during the 2002 X-band contest

N6JV, Norm regularly hears this beacon in Sacramento in the morning at about 290 miles.

Ken W6GHV heard this beacon to the North at 263 miles (421km) in CM98ke, 1998 contest.

The specs:

Frequency: 10368.3101MHz

call: N6CA/b

location: Frazier Mt. DM04MS 8013'

1.3 Watts output

1.5 dB feedline (waveguide) loss approx., waveguide provided by K6OW

Antenna was raised 20 feet (210 wavelengths) on Sept 15, 2001, thanks CACTUS guys!. Very noticeable improvement as we can now drive around 80 + miles from the beacon and virtually copy it everywhere!...Amazing.

Antenna: 14 dBi gain, omni-directional, horizontal polarization

IDer: 85 seconds of carrier and a short CW ID

Coverage: a clean shot up the central valley, down the coast to Mexico, out East to the desert, and all of Southern California

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