Foto #4 Miguel (Mike) --W6YLZ taking a foto op break...Boy, I needed one lugging all this "Stuff" around. The Red Baron sits atop of the tripod with the Macon 27" dish...The hugh metal box on the table is the twt supply for the Red Baron...approx 10 watts out---but I believe I was getting out a lot less due to low voltages! The other components atop the supply are: 12v to 100v ac converter, 100V to 28v and a -5v supply. The umbrella is to shade the TWT!!! But with the cool winds and moisture...However, I did learn one important fact---TWTs, its power suopplies and IF radios do not like to be left out in the open in this cool, damp, moist weather---NEVER!!!! Equipment had to be left in the sun to dry out and retern to "LIFE".