Foto #1--Well, its Sunday pm and we finally are able to take a break from all the fast and furios activity...Yes, it took us longer to get to DM 10 xl than expected with a few stop in San Quintin first....Then when we go to the Hilltop, we encountered 20to 30 mile gusts of wind. So, the first thing was to plan out and scope out the site from where to set up and how to block the winds. We set up on a previous MW site that used to be fenced in and had about 8 hugh solar panels....but as u can see everything has been stripped off the site except the cement pilars...The old fence posts holes came in very handy to use to help set up the hugh duck blind!!! Notice Garys' dish--1.2m--is part of the duck blind too. Little did we know that all the cold wind, moist fog wa due to a hurricane down by La Paz which was sucking the winds in that direction. Heavy winds were also encoundered in Punta Baja DL 29 cx!!! from the same hurricane! Foto taken by K6dyd--Jerry