Below: 1283 repeater block diagram

Installed in Dec 2005

New packaging for new location on Mt Wilson, 24 watts out of duplexer, 0.8 db feedline loss (55 feet of 7/8), 1 db noise figure, 8 cavity duplexer

DC switcher power supply

Up/down converters and local oscillators

VHF to audio up/down converters


Original repeater configuration since 1992:

VHF-audio up & down converters, PL decoder.

VHF-1280 MHz up & down converters, crystal local oscillators, combline band pass filters & GaAs FET preamplifiers.

28 Watt final amplifier & driver.

7 cavity duplexer.

above, original compac duplexer, discarded when found ratones (rats) living in it.........yuk

complete assembly with early controller. Entire repeater uses only 5 rack units of height

rear view showing interconnects, PA and power supply

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