2002 X-Band Contest Pictures

N6CA & N6XQ roved Southern California for about 400 miles and made 11 stops on the second weekend. Contacts of up to 600 km were easily made from many local mountain top sites. Many contacts were multiple bounce and were scattered from various mountains in the area.

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Jack, N6XQ at home for first weekend with the big dish

Looking to Mexico from Palos Verdes DM03tr

N6XQ with his new portable station, 1 watt and a 1 foot dish. It worked great!

N6CA on PV working the guys in Mexico

Mt Pinos DM04kt looking towards Mexico and Palos Verdes. We were just below the parking lot.

Looking to Frazier from Pinos

There's always a shot between the trees

N6XQ & N6CA beaming Mexico

N6XQ Looking to Mexico

First time ever operating away from vehicle for N6CA ...it was scarry......

N6CA relaxing in the fresh air on Pinos......whew

Another shot of the dishes at Mt. Pinos

Set up at Whitaker Peak. Nice location but hot

WA6CGR & N6RMJ up on top with a better shot at Whitaker

N6RMJ in full "attack" mode at Whitaker

WA6CGR practicing a new dance step. New 27 watt radio works LOUD

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