Dual mode xband feed mounting assembly

and Sun noise setup

de N6CA June 22.04

Dual mode feed mounting block

first fitting of feed horn into block. 7/8 OD copper will ultimately be shortened.

New very rigid 1.2 meter Prodelin mounting assembly. Dish weighs 22 lbs and aluminum support structure weighs about 9 lbs.

progress.......... Once sun noise measurements are made and the feed and support assembly are proven it will be shipped to Paul amd mounted on his dish. I expect 6 to 7 db over a 2 footer.....

June 22, 2004

Sun noise measurements...finally. Couldn't detect a peak from the sun with 2 footer but.....measured 6 db more than baseline pointing off sun. Measurement proved out with step attenuator at 28 MHz and R8500 and high integration software on computer driven from TS930 (no agc). Had to slide dish mount back to balance it for higher pointing angles. Sun shadow came out centered and right at bottom of dish when peaked on sun.

Next step, finish final waveguide pieces for Paul and ship entire feed & waveguide components to Hawaii for installation. After that, the radio......