DC-DC converter and Local Oscillator assembly

de N6CA Aug 01.04

The Verticom xband synthesizer is not the most efficient critter on the planet so we decided to use a reliable LT1070 switching regulator just to minimized the parts count and make it as efficient as realistically possible. The synthesizer requires +5.3 VDC at 1 amp, +16 VDCat 0.7 amps and we need +24 at 1 amp peak for the latching waveguide relay. We decided to make it all run from a +13 VDC power supply that is already present on the volcano. There are many LEDs for status indicators.

(below) Ruby input (10 MHz) is the BNC connector.

(below) +5.3 VDC regulator is in the middle of the heat sink and the LT1070 with regulators is in the tight box on the right. Covers are removed for the pictures. The input DC low pass filter keeps all switching noise from going back out the DC input line.

below: 10340.000001 MHz output....... when locked to the Rubidium standard. Counter is referenced to a GPS receiver.