KH6HME Hotel X-Band beacon

August 5, 2006

KH6HME, Hilo Hotel beacon

Temporary antenna spatial alignment beacon, placed at hotel in Hilo, HI. Signals were very strong with no trouble finding the beacon without being pointed at it. A 20 db attenuator was added to the beacon to reduce its amplitude to keep the test receiver out of saturation up on the volcano. Paul worked with Fred W6YM/KH6 and Chuck AH6SC to set up and run this test. Chuck was the Hilo hotel end of the test. It is the final test in preparation to the KH6 to W6 xband attempt and is for the purpose of eliminating the last variable over which we have control from the path. Beam headings are 68.5 Az and -3.27 EL degrees to the hotel and 59.1 degrees to W6 land.

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73 de N6CA