MaxTrac Receiver modifications

de N6CA Feb 06

see: for the write up on mods to the MaxTrac receivers. There is lots of great info there.

I removed the heatsink and power amp sections since they are not used. This makes the receiver much smaller. Remove the cables as well.

I wanted to use a SMA female connector for the receiver input. Since I had to remove the receiver board to replace the triple filter assemblies anyway it was decided to remove the "can" from the receiver board as well. This is the receiver input.


The original gray cable was discarded and replaced with flex UT-85 coax. It was hard soldered to the board after the solder mask was removed. This provides to good RF interface. The SMA connector attaches to the SMA female feed-thru connector nounted on the rear panel.

The +12 VDC connection is now applied through a feed-thru capacitor which was mounted on the rear panel as well. Both boards had to be removed from the radio to allow adequate clearance to punch the holes.

The internal +12 VDC connection was soldered directly to the old five pin connector.

The receiver pulls about 400 mA at 12 VDC in normal operation.