EH7KW to Southern California Scatter Path

Dec 1 2000 opening from Jose EH7KW to N6CA & N6XQ in Southern California,.

Normal beam heading for Jose, EH7KW (EA7KW) is 310 but he was pointing at 240 degrees. Normal beam heading for Southern California to Spain is 44 degrees but we were pointing 90 degrees. Path appears to be single hop F2 2800 miles (4500 km) for Jose and double hop F2 5000 miles (8000 KM) for Southern California. This path has been run by Jose many times in the past and he has had great success working into the southwest United States by this means. Interestingly enough the path only occurs when the A and Kp indices are low, similar to long path conditions. Observations of the total electron count (TEC) map suggests the northern boundry of the higher TEC area is the location of the scatter/reflection point. Some previous observations of the TEC maps have shown that propagation exists between stations located on the higher count boundries. One more piece of the six meter puzzle.

EH7KW audio at N6CA QTH (Real Audio 233k)

N6CA audio at EH7KW QTH (Real Audio 366k)

N6XQ audio at EH7KW QTH (Real Audio 228k)

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