Antenna Performance Specialties APS-13
Antennacraft FM6
Antennacraft FM10
Antennacraft FM13
Channel Master Stereo Probe 9
Finco FM-4
Finco FM-5
InnovAntennas FMDX-9
InnovAntennas 14-Element Yagi
Stellar Labs 30-2460
Triax FM 5
Triax FM 8S
Winegard HD-6000
Winegard HD6055P
Winegard HD6065P
Körner 9.2
Körner 15.12
Körner 19.3
Maximum-Gain Narrowband Yagi
High-Performance Yagis for 88–92 MHz
Small Five-Element Yagi
Ten-Element Metric Yagi
Home Depot Yagis
Circularly Polarized Cubical Quads
Circularly Polarized Crossed Yagis
Circularly Polarized Loop
Circularly Polarized Rabbit Ears
Elliptically Polarized Tilted Dipole
Wideband Vertical Omni
Antenna Gain vs Height
Antenna Performance Curves
Antenna Notes


Multipath Simulator
Signal/Noise/Distortion Generators
Stereo/RDS/RMS/RC Calculators
Coil Inductance Calculator
FCC Database Utilities
Tuner Measurement Utilities
Transmission Line Utilities
Noise Figure Utilities
Command Line Utilities

Beyond 88–108 MHz

Improving Modulation Acceptance
Updating the Automatic Noise Limiter
Minimizing Selective Fading Distortion
VHF Scanner Antenna
TV Antennas
DAB Yagi
Simple Wi-Fi Yagi


Sangean HDT-1
Sangean HDT-1X
Kenwood KT-880D
Technics ST-9030
Carver TX-11b
Pioneer F-90


Baluns for 88–108 MHz
Simple RF Preamp
Garage Sale Preamps
Preamp Noise Figure Tables
Eliminating Front-End Overload with RF AGC
Improving Selectivity with IF AGC
Accomodating Offset IF Filters
LC IF Filter
Simple IF Amplifier
Quadrature Multipath Monitor
Adding Tuner Multipath Outputs
Deemphasis Converter


Updating IEEE 185-1975
IEEE 185-1975 Bandpass Filter
Bob & Ken's Spectrum Inversion Trick
Measuring Noise Figure without a Noise Source
Simple RF Noise Source
Refurbishing the Wavetek SAM for 88–108 MHz
Updating the Sound Technology 1000A
Swept Front-End Alignment
Alternative IF/Detector Alignment
Modulation-Induced Noise
Axial Ratio Measurements
Relating dBµ and dBf
Matching 50Ω to 75Ω


SSB Stereo Subchannel
Alternative Stereo Decoding Methods
Changing Hi-Blend to Flat Blend
Stereo S/N Penalty

HD Radio

HD Radio Self-Noise
HD Radio Self-Noise Levels
IF Filters and HD Radio Self-Noise
Postdetection Filter for HD Radio Signals
Harmonic Cancellers for HD Radio Signals
HD Radio Time & Level Alignment